Thursday, March 22, 2012

Saturday, December 31, 2011

happy new year!

in a few hours, it's bye-bye 2011 and hello 2012. God has been so kind to me and I couldn't ask for more. we're all healthy, we're happy and we're all blessed.

this 2012 i pray that God will continue to provide for us and that we'll all be healthy and happy and away from any negative vibes :)

my cyberfriends, i wish you all a prosperous and blessed new year! may we all be a better version of ourselves this new year and for all the many many years to come! Cheers!!!

God bless!

eventful christmas

a belated merry christmas cyberworld! greetings went out late because our christmas was a bit toxic. we were not able to enjoy the day as my husband was in the hospital treated with dextrose IV because of diarrhea :(
while my daughter also having vomit and mild diarrhea episodes at home. all are blamed to gastroenteritis.

for iSha's case she had it while we're still in japan. on the midnight of dec. 20 we called to 119 ( emergency number) because she had vomited 7x within an hour. i was shaking scared. so ambulance came and ask basic questions and kept asking us if we have insurance. thank God we have! and then after about 30 mins we're in the hospital. iSha was carried to the doctor and we followed. doctor took a look at her and after about 5 mins he said it is gastroenteritis and nothing serious. and then i was relieved cause be said nothing serious. but no food or liquid for isha until the next morning. then we were not given any medicine and we were sent home. but before we have left the room, iSha left one more go :D the doctor seemed annoyed. hmpf!

and then 22nd was our flight bound to manila, on the plane, as we have just seated, she had another episode again :( poor baby. but now she's better and ok but just the other day she had a rise in temp upto 38.4 but went down within the day to normal temp. it's really hard when someone is sick. :(

as for patrick, suddenly the morning of 24th he had an endless visits to the restroom and it continued till the 25th.

dear God, this coming new year, please give us good health. let sickness and disease be away from us and please provide for our needs. amen.

belated merry christmas everyone! God bless!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

where are the words?

lately i've been struggling with finding the right words to explain my ideas to my colleagues. it seems like all of a sudden my mind is a vacuum. nothing in there. scary. i know. so here i am now, starting to write again. maybe i am giving my brain very little activity to work on. i think i need more puzzles. i need to push my mind a little to the edge. yeah this is the downside of what i am doing now, and watching lots and lots of nursery rhymes with my daughter seems to be not helping either. oh the joy of motherhood! i love my daughter so much and i love singing the children songs with her but they get stuck in me and i can't help but sing it even at work :D ok sometimes it's not involuntarily. hmmm maybe i am meant to be a children teacher after all!

Hmmmm...looks like i'm writing aimlessly again.

ok let me share some of the things that amazes me about my daughter - a 14 month old adorable XXL bundle of joy:
1. now she knows how to express to us whether she likes the baby einstein video we're playing or not --- by crying and waving her hands in the air at the same time if she dislikes it.

2. she sings twinkle twinkle little star in many languages --- ok but only in her mind for now :D

3. she can finish 1 whole banana and 1 whole mikan in one go.

4. from the daycare, when we're going home, she now gets her shoes from the shoe rack by herself. weeee!

5. she nods if she likes something and shake her head if she dislikes something. uh-huh uh-huh uh uh.

6. she bows if you seem to say thank you to her in japanese . it's sooo cute! oh my half baked japanese full blooded pinay baby.

7. she knows how to push the doorbell at her daycare. i know it's not that hard but hey, i'm one proud momma.

8. she loves to dance or errm jump to the new song of charice entitled louder. whenever i play it on youtube, i put her beside the rolled up futon cause she likes to use it as her railing to be able to dance and jump at the same time.

9. she will take my hand or her dad's whenever she wants something to eat and bring us to the kitchen. hihihi.

10. she can now stack up her pyramid toy :)

these might seem very usual but for a mom these are precious moments!

i'm so grateful to be iSha's mommy :)